Do you already have emails with the popular email service Outlook.com (formally Hotmail and Windows Live)?

Do you like sending emails from Outlook.com and wish you could do that with your professional email address provided by Softwayr?

If the answer to both questions is yes, then this tutorial is for you!

You might want to do this if you need to send emails on behalf of someone else but still want them to get the responses, or if your email address forwards emails to Outlook.com.

Log into your Outlook.com email account.

Click the Settings Cogwheel at the Top Right of the screen.

Click on View all Outlook settings (highlighted in yellow)

Make sure Email is selected on the Left.

Click Sync email, then Other email accounts (highlighted in yellow)

Enter your Display Name as you wish it to be seen by your email recipients, the email address for the account you are connecting, and the password for that account.

Softwayr recommends creating a new folder to stay organised, and then tick the manually configure check box and click OK.

Your username is the same as the email address asigned to the account, enter it in the username box and scroll down.

Select SMTP send-only connection settings (highlighted in yellow)

Fill in the connection details specific to your email account and click OK.

You can find your connection details within the Email Accounts section of cPanel by clicking on Connect Devices.

You will now see your new email account listed on the Sync email screen.

Click on the X next to the Discard button to close the screen.

You have now successfully added your email account to Outlook.com as send-only, which means you can only send from this email address. You can now compose a new email and select your new email address by clicking on From.

Hopefully this tutorial was clear and easy to follow, but as always, should you need a hand, get in touch for further help. 🙂

This tutorial was correct at time of publication. Get in touch if you think it needs updating.

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