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Perform a GET request to the following URL.

Replace with the domain to perform the lookup for.


You should now have a JSON encoded response from the API server. You will need to convert this into something your chosen programming language can better understand.

PHP Example


$api_result = json_decode( $json_api_result );


You should now have an array or object which you can now process further. The actual DNS records are available in a property called json_result which is also JSON encoded.


To reduce the load on the server, the API will cache the result for 24 hours and return the cached result if it exists and is less than 24 hours old, otherwise the latest result is returned.

A timestamp of when the cache was last updated is provided under the property last_updated.

If you are a developer associated with the domain in question, you can update the cache with the latest information. Append /update onto the end of the URL.

Replace with the domain to perform the lookup for.

Please do not abuse updating the cache. Only update the cache if you have recently made changes to a domain's DNS configuration. Updating the cache is rate limited to once every 5 minutes.

In Action

The Softwayr DNS Lookup Tool uses the same API to fetch the result. View it at the following URL.

Hopefully this documentation serves as a good guide to get you started. Happy coding!