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Message Encryption

Ensure your message can only be read by the intended party by encrypting it with THEIR Public Key. (Planned: Signing using Private Key)

Decrypt an Encrypted Message using YOUR Private Key. (Planned: Verification using Public Key)

The Encryption/Decryption process happens on your device, therefore nothing is shared with the server or anyone else.

Generate New Keys

Don't have your keys yet? Generate them here for free!

Key generation is done on your device and is never shared with the server or any third party. For this reason, the process for generating the keys may take a few minutes and could freeze your browser.

Once keys have been generated, please keep them safe, as there is no way to get them back should they get lost.


This tool is provided free of charge for anyone to use. It is your responsability to keep your keys in a safe and secure place. Softwayr accepts no liability for your usage of this tool.

Uses the Open Source Library OpenPGP.js by ProtonMail.