The S in S-Hosted means Softwayr, as in a web-based project to which David Hunter (the person behind the Softwayr name) is somewhat involved.

S-Hosted is a free sub-domain hosting service that enables a web-based project to have its own address or URL without worrying about registering a dedicated domain.

This service is good for small projects where it does not make sense to have a dedicated domain name for, or even if you just simply want to save on the cost of registering a domain name for it.

Your sub-domain can be used for as little as just a web address, or as much as a full domain with DNS records and email addresses.

Limitations to an S-Hosted Sub-Domain, it is legally and technically owned by David Hunter, and you will not be able to transfer your sub-domain to another provider, both of which are benefits to owning a full domain.

Benefits to an S-Hosted Sub-Domain, once it has been assigned to you, it is yours for the life of your project. No annual renewal, or monthly cost, or maintenance of any kind. A full domain is a bit more involved.

Have any further questions or thoughts? Reach out and the best efforts will be made to assist you where possible.