Products & Services

Join Softwayr if you are interested in any of the following…

Website Design

Beautifully designed websites that are suitable for all device sizes.

Cloud Hosting

Space on the Internet for your website, just like a home for it to live in. Softwayr calls this Cloud Hosting.

Your cloud hosting service will also include emails @yourwebsite.


Free website address that looks like

and can be used for emails too.

This is good for those that are not sure what they want their website address to be, or who don’t wish to have their own domain for whatever reason. It is yours for the life of your website.

Softwayr CSS

Currently Under Construction

Coming Soon

For those who want to design their own website with ease, Softwayr CSS provides a set of building blocks for designing something quick and easy, or something specific for the more advanced.

Use one class that applies multiple styles, or multiple classes that apply one style. You have the control and flexibility over how your project looks.